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No more Titles/No More Doubts

notes from a journal almost completed

You were birthed from Light and Love, yet your physical beginnings may not reflect this. So when traveling back in time your beginnings, you must go all the way, lest you be fooled or confused as to your true identity.

There was a mother wanting me, and a father not wanting me, a mother with fear and longing, a father with anger and trepidation. Is it any wonder I chose to hold my breath? These opposing sensations were imprinted in me, and for the majority of my life, I thought they were imprinted in my soul. How terribly wrong I was. It was all in my heart mind and I believe it resulted in my non-threatening heart murmur. The soul is the soul, always in protection by Light and Love., Friends of God. A holy man once asked me who I am. First I answered by naming my titles, then though my characteristics. He kept pushing me gently, “Who are you?” “Who are you without your titles, your characteristics your physical attributes?”

I was baffled and believed I was no one. This was decades ago. Over time, I had flickers of awareness of soul self. How I carry this soul into my everyday life has been and continues to be everything to me. sometimes wondrous, challenging, humbling, scary and grand.

Imagine someone giving you the most rare diamond, asking you to carry it with you always- It would be both an honor and a burden- How many of us would accept it with heart and eyes wide open? How many of us would guard it with our lives, taking it out during the day, to gaze upon its’ beauty? What would happen if you woke up to find such a treasure, and then, as if by magic, because it is Divine Magic, that can cause you to be aware that you have not only always carried the diamond, but you are the diamond.

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