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"One should live in a place that fits the soul like a well-worn tee shirt."


I’m a city girl who never felt at home in the city.

My husband and I moved here in the summer of 1994, looking for a change. And change did happen. We were blessed with a late-in-life child, son #2.
The years that followed were full of adventures, laughter, and the joy of raising another child. Today, my sons are grown, and my husband has passed away.
The revolving door of lives lost and lives birthed is never-ending, like the tides.
We, then are left at the water’s edge deciding whether to jump in or just tickle our toes. Of course, timing is everything.

I opened The Artist’s Haven in 2017 and have been blessed with many women from as far away as Mongolia and as close as my neighboring town. It is my wish that all who enter, feel a sense of peace and acceptance.

Over the past five decades, I have found clay to be a consistent medium in healing, allowing the inner journey to unfold into the wonders of self and


My pottery studio is below the loft, where I offer one-on-one private sessions.  
I teach a process method, combining mindfulness and basic clay techniques.

When I am not working in clay, I am writing, painting, spending time in my garden or sipping tea with a guest.

When I am not at home, I just might be at the beach, but don’t hesitate to call/text me, I’ll respond as soon as I’m done with my swim.

Yes, I love the chilly waters.

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