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Passing It On

The Tidbits of An Ordinary Day

Many enter my home,

some think it cluttered,

others see it as cozy,

it knows no labels,

it just lays bare

the holiness in the mundane.

It is a tapestry of memories,

mementos and relics, each one

sings in her perfect pitch,

forming a light hearted tune.

There are those who believe

one should strive for simplicity in possessions

and work diligently creating a minimalist decor

But I prefer simplicity of the soul

As for the decor, I am but a steward of every object.

As i move through my day passing pottery,

poems, dusty unread books, nana’s prized wooden spoon,

the one that stirs the finest of sauces, before it’s placed upon

a plate of homemade pasta, yes,

even that, belongs to me only for a short time.

what a thrill when a guest picks something up, in admiration,

no matter what it is, I seem to know, it’s time to let go.

there have been times, like the time I held a favorite hair clip,

it was an antique, I wore it regularly in my youth.

Reaching for something else

in my drawer, my eyes fell upon it,

and instantly, I knew where to send her.

Don’t get me wrong, there are somethings

that I cling to, tight fisted. There are only three,

those three will be cremated when my time comes.

I pray I can be forgiven for my foolishness,

but being a romantic, I see them

as some kind of passport to heaven.

A prayer book in Italian, my husband’s Irish cap

and a letter once written to me.


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