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Life Is But A dream

Sure enough it's all a dream. But it's my dream. And I do believe, contrary to popular opinion, there are times, when one holds the remote. Go ahead, give it a try. Hit the pause button. Take a deep breath. Let it all out. It costs nothing. No one gets hurt, unless your house is on fire. And yes, I'm assuming you know what to do in that event.

By now, some of you know that I publish on Substack, if not, check me out, please.

and then there are those you who receive my monthly newsletter here, updating you on the happenings at my Airbnb , Check that out as well, if you haven't.

Now the reason for this post:

admittedly, I do like keeping things in neat boxes, though you wouldn't believe it by looking at my home. It's not that it's chaotic, it's more like creatively organized.. I have poems mixed up with grocery lists, a small watercolor set right next to my prayer beads and healing salve. are you getting the picture? And that doesn't even begin to describe my studio. It does all work, at least for me. So I decided after much stress of desperately attempting to keep track of where and when I post my poems/essays/ blog posts and who knows what else, I would try something different.

Let me say, that if you land on one of my sites or sections of sites and discover you have already read that piece, then move on, or read it again. Who knows you might get something different the second time around.

As I write this, two songs come to mind:

I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross

and I Did It My Way, by none other than Frank Sinatra

I do hope you find this as amusing as I do. And believe me I do. But then I also hope you find it somewhat inspiring, especially if you're in your 50's and above. Here I am in my 70's, no time for being timid. I know there are some of you laughing at the thought of me being timid. But keep in mind, everything is contextual. So this is kind of an announcement , mostly to myself. None of us know how many more days we have, so why not dance into the future, dance unabashedly, thrilled that you have, at last learned who you are. And don't stop there, please do yourself a favor. It's the biggest gift you can give yourself. Never stop discovering more of yourself.Write as many narratives as you like. Doing so, will set you free.

I have a new dream, well it's moving from dream land into goal land. I'm currently organizing my many poems into groups for publication in chapbooks. Stay tuned. And, yes, I'm doing it my way....well I have done research. All I can say is that I'm no longer letting that task scare the living daylights out of me. Yes, again, some of you might not know that about me, since you've been privy to my loud bark, but loud barkers usually scare easily.

I suppose this is not too revolutionary, cause it can be reduced to, meeting challenges, taking risks, being happy with who you are.

With that in mind I will now go and enjoy my dessert before my meal.

Feedback?? I welcome it! I will happily engage in a conversation, share tips and offer inspiration and support you in your own breaking loose, coming out, and doing it your way! Go for it. You must, because you were made for it.

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