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Deep Compassion


Let me tell you a secret about acceptance.

Do not be afraid to stand tall,

feet firmly planted in the ground,

arms swaying like willow tree branches

or like when you extend your arm

out the window of a moving car,

as the air currents cause gentle rises and falls

catching the softened palms of a searching heart.

Right there, one can shout with confidence

I accept all things, and mean it, truly mean it,,

Do not be afraid, do not waiver in doubt

Accepting all things will not

move you from your newly awakened center.

keep breathing, my friend, not even a stone lies motionless

Accepting does not mean you will be dragged to the pit of darkness,

that is, unless you are required to experience that,

but do not be afraid, the light remains with you

Acceptance is not a judgement, but an awareness

of what is, as in love is, war is, hunger is, joy is,

acceptance is simply experiencing without attaching.

But make no mistake, being detached, does not mean

your choices do not have an impact on this

madly, messy miraculous world.

Acceptance is where your compassion wings

grow and your flight becomes global.


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