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Don't Get Stuck

Energy is a funny thing.Worry is a moment in time, when and if we choose to stare at it, we can also recognize we have the option of shifting our attention. This does not mean ignoring the event that is causing the worry.It does mean shifting to a problem solving mode, an accepting mode. With no judgment, we simply look at the situation and see it, with no particular response. Worry is like a trickster, clever enough to derail one from one’s one intuition and divine power to heal and solve problems. It jams the Devine Flow, while telling us that by our worrying, we are caring. It is a bowled faced lie, unless the worry simply brings our attention to a thing which needs our attention. At that point it must be released.

But it’s a sticky thing, this thing we call worry. Too many of us get stuck in the web. And then trust is lost, and problems get worse. Do not fear worry, it is an emotion to explore. But do explore it, or it will explore you.


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