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Between The Openings And The Closings

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Ever notice how your favorite seasons of childhood have either changed, or softened. As a young child, I would have been happy with just two seasons. Summer and Winter. The other two seemed to be space holders, a time for contemplation or earning patience. I really had no use for either of them. Of course as I grew, I developed a liking for spring and fall. Still a child, I associated my love of each with the events they brought with them, holidays, family celebrations... as a young adult I began appreciating the seasons on a deeper level, physically, spiritually and philosophically.

I began to experience how well the seasons teach us about the rhythms of the universe. And yet we must name them in order to converse, for one thing. And yet  it happens that in the naming sometimes theirs a missed opportunity.

It is summer. Then depending on which camp you set your tent, Fall begins when school begins, Early September. Or It begins in the designated calendar date of September 21/22 aligned with the equinox. In either case it would appear as though one moves along and on the date chosen, simple and abruptly ends.

And there in lies the possible downfall.

The Birthing and Deathing of all things living are in constant motion and continue to happen gradually. Thinking otherwise, leads to our desire to cling on to a moment in time, as well as preventing us from  really seeing what is in the present.

When the seasons collide, became  my favorite space, back a few decades ago.It the space of the undefined, the moment of the now. It is a moment  where one can be free to experience the movement of the natural world around us, neither clinging to, nor looking  forward, nor fearing the next. Living mindfully in the here and now, in this very moment means experiencing it all without any labels. In doing so, we can experience a different freedom. Please do not think I am against the labels of the seasons, I'm simply including the precious non label in between.

What would we label the space between Summer and Fall? Summfall?  Sumaut?

Summall?  It's all a game, this wonderful, magical human experience! So why not take each moment to engage in it playfully?

Wishing you all and incredible dance of  playful awakening

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